After being inspired by similar (but no longer active) blogs on the topic, I decided to start one of my own! This blog is dedicated to sharing the experience of an American girl (me, Christy) and a Czech boy (Martin) trying to start a life together somewhere in the world (currently we are living in London). Also, it will be a motivator for me to work on learning the Czech language and more about the Czech culture in general. Martin has agreed to help teach me at least one new thing a week (words, cuisine, history), which I will document here. Also, should I happen to stumble across any wisdom on the topic of international dating, I hope that it will help anyone else in my situation. It can be tricky at times, dealing with cultural differences, visas, travel expenses, job situations, language barriers…the list goes on. So, a brief background:
Martin and I met in New Zealand in March of 2012. I was just starting out a round the world trip with my friend Nicole, and we stayed with a friend just outside of Wellington at a farmhouse where Martin happened to be living and working. We met, liked each other, stayed in touch, and met back up in Europe in July. Since then we’ve been together, traveled to 10 different countries, and have met the families. We are in London now where Martin just got a job as a vet assistant, and we are staying in a flat in Hither Green. I haven’t exactly figured out what I will be doing here, and I am only allowed a total of 6 months in the UK before I have to leave for 3 months. I’m planning to go by the embassy soon to ask some questions about possible visas, but we’ll see how the next few months pan out before we commit to London (Hawaii always looms large in the back of my mind).

Together in Czech Republic last July.

So, here are the few of the basic words I know so far:

beer = pivo
cheers = na zdravi
hello = ahoj
good morning = dobre rano
good night = dobou noc
goodbye = na shledanou
beautiful = krasny

I can count to ten (deset), plus a few other random words/phrases, but really, I don’t know much at all. And the pronunciation is really difficult, the phonetics are different than with English. To be honest, learning Czech seems almost impossible to me right now. I hope to find classes somewhere in London soon.

So, that’s all for my first post! I hope to learn to cook something next. Stay tuned.




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