What I have learned in the last 24 hours…

….some interesting information about the Czech culture. I’ve found quite a few more blogs that are amazing. Also, I am realizing (or remembering) that I do not follow politics or world news nearly enough, the lack of history and culture (or at least knowledge of these things) in my personal background is depressing, and I am too all over the place to decide where to put what little energy I give myself into any one thing for long enough to see it through.


My boyfriend can speak 3 languages plus Latin. I can’t seem to get disciplined enough to learn a second one.
I come up with all kinds of good ideas, have a spark of enthusiasm, and then get distracted by something else. And then forget about it. Or get back to it years later. Maybe I just don’t drink enough coffee.
Well, I’m hoping this blog will help whip some of these problem areas into better shape. Something about publishing thoughts and experiences lends itself to a more lasting effort. I’m enjoying learning and the thought of integrating the Czech way into our home more and more, and I know Martin will be thrilled with that.

Here are a couple of random observations I have acquired from Martin/visiting Czech:
-Czechs like for their beer to start out with a LOT of foam (as pictured here). Much less than this borders on insult.
-They have recently elected a new president, whose name is Milos Zeman. He was running against a guy who’s face was covered in tattoos.
– The caraway seed is put into almost every Czech bread I tried, and I HATE that seed with a fiery passion.
– Summer in Prague reminded me of summers in Atlanta, but Prague winters are much colder/snowier.
– A lot of the Czechs I met could speak English but didn’t because they were worried they weren’t good enough at it.
– A lot of Americans do not realize that Czechoslovakia no longer exists.

The view from my bedroom window right now. Cold out there.


4 thoughts on “What I have learned in the last 24 hours…

  1. aw yes … learning the discipline of seeing something through! i understand this. it is frustrating! and something i did learn when traveled was how awful i am about keeping up with poliitcs and world news as well. there were kids who were 10 years younger than me (europeans) who knew so much more about politics in america than i did! shameful.

  2. The last one really made me smile, because I am Czech and I’ve met many foreign people who thought that Czechoslovakia still exist:) .. You have a great blog!

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