A few questions for the Czech

A little Q & A with this guy:

Q: In your opinion, are there any major differences between Czech people and American people?
A: Czechs are more concerned with saving space, energy, money, and food…Americans seem a little more wasteful to me. We also use public transportation instead of driving everywhere. But, Czech “customer service” isn’t good like it is in the states.
Q: What is was your opinion of Americans before visiting America? And after?
A: I thought Americans were all fat, selfish/irresponsible, and not nice to foreigners. I thought people only ate fast food. After visiting I realized there are lots of nice places to eat, and that driving everywhere isn’t so bad. Also, I was impressed with how friendly people were to me as a foreigner.
Q: What do you miss most when you are away from the Czech Republic?
A: Obviously I miss my family like anyone who is abroad. I miss Czech beers, the old Czech villages, and our railway system (it’s very cheap and easy to get wherever you want). And rohliky!
Q: What is one of your favorite fun facts about Czech culture or history?
A: In the 1200’s the Kingdom of Bohemia extended down to what is now part of Italy, so our country had access to the Adriatic Sea, which is pretty good considering that we are now in the middle of Europe with a 10 hour drive out of the country to the nearest sea.
Q: If there was one thing you could change about Czech culture, what would it be?
A: I wish that Czech people were more worldly and wouldn’t be afraid to travel and speak other languages.
Q: Name your favorite Czech movie, band/musician, historical figure, and fictional character.
A: 2 Bobule is one of my favorite movies. Tatabojs is one of my favorite bands. Jara Cimrman for fictional character, he is probably the “ideal” Czech.
Q: What is your favorite Czech tradition?
A: Christmas. We unwrap gifts on the evening of the 24th, and our gifts are from baby Jesus, not Santa Claus. Some people used to believe that if they cut an apple in half on Christmas day and a perfect star appears in the core then the next year will be good. Our main dish is carp as a Christian symbol, which is funny because we are considered the most irreligious country in Europe.

Q: What is your favorite Czech meal?
A: We don’t have a lot of pure traditional Czech meals, but I like svickova s knedliky (sirloin with dumplings), boruvkove knedliky (blueberry dumplings), and valasske frgale (a cake with plum jam and cottage cheese).

Well that will do for now, thanks to Martin for playing along 🙂


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