I’m proud to say that I just finished my second Czech class! I signed up with Verbalplanet.com. They let you pick your own teacher and schedule, then you have a one-on-one class via Skype for 45 minutes. I have homework assignments and I made flash cards to study, so if I keep at it I should be able to get the basics down soon enough! My tutor is a nice girl in/from Czech Republic. Or, after my lesson today, I should say “Ona je hodna”…which is supposed to mean “she is kind,” but when you look it up on google translate it says “she is worthy.” Hmm. Well, close enough.
I’m on my way!

Not really Czech related, but we went to Hastings yesterday, it was nice! We want to get out of the city as much as possible while we’re here and this was our first day trip, thanks to the weather being pleasant enough.

Our growing photo tradition.


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