Easter Monday!

So today is Easter Monday (Velikonoční Pondělí)! This is a day I know Martin would like to be at home and taking part in the festivities. This morning he would be taking his fancy decorated stick (pomlázka) made from willow rods door to door, singing a song asking for treats/drinks, then smacking the women in the butt with the stick. Then he would be invited inside for said treat/drink. On to the next house after that for more shenanigans, until you sometimes have to pick a friend up in a wheelbarrow and cart him home because neither one of you can drive. I’m not sure if this tradition makes more or less sense than our viviparous bunny rabbit hiding eggs and candy for kids to find, collect, and gorge on, but he assures me that it is “one big fun.” You can read more here if you’d like.
So Happy Easter, Veselé Velikonoce!

In other news, I’m flying home to Atlanta on Wednesday! I decided that since can’t seem to keep myself productive enough here, I’m going to go home to do some photohoots and see some friends and family. The gloomy weather/being away from everyone you love/out of your comfort-zone/not working thing has afflicted me with the trapped-in-a-small-loft-to-escape-the-cold depression. I have been studying my Czech, which I am proud of, and will continue to do so, but lately I started watching a lot of tv and being scared to leave the house for no good reason. I was supposed to go to Argentina for a work project but that fell though sadly, so now I’m really itching to get moving somewhere. Atlanta will do for now. June will be Hawaii for my friend’s wedding, and it looks like Martin will get to take 2 weeks off of work to go with me (and he can decide if he loves it or hates it there as I try to convince him that it needs to be our new home). Deciding where we want to live (and can both work) is proving to be a very stressful ordeal. I’ve got to get out of the city and cold weather as soon as possible. London is an awesome city to visit but my personality doesn’t fit so well here. He has his job and license to think about. I can honestly say I have no idea where we’ll be a year from now. We’ve been a little stressed lately and I think Martin is starting to believe that I WANT to drive him crazy. Honey, when I WANT to make you crazy, you’ll know 🙂

For fun, here is a list of things I am currently missing from home. When I’ve been there for a week or so, I can make a list of the things I miss from here (it maybe be a short list though).

 Having a car to drive myself in where ever I want to go (I hate public transportation: it takes an hour to get 10 kilometers, you’re packed in with people that look angry to be alive, everything is dirty, and the trains are expensive).
Food, brands, and restaurants that I love but just can’t find here.
Friends (especially female) that I can sit down and have a glass of wine with and talk for hours, and they won’t think I’m a crazy person because they’re just as much a nutjob as me (boyfriend sometimes looks at me like his head is going to explode if I don’t shut up already).
My parents, brothers, and all his offspring.
Having a social life…actually being invited to do things.
Being able to sit outside at a park or on a patio in the sun.
Everything is cheap compared to London. Time to buy some stuff.
Working! Love my job.

Oh! And I should mention that we celebrated having met a year ago in New Zealand this month.
When Czechs count with their fingers, they start with their thumb, so he means “one” for our first year 🙂

More later! I’m going to try to paint some Easter eggs today.


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