This weekend we took a quick trip to Bergen, Norway. Really really beautiful place, though we didn’t have the best weather while we were there. There was light rain on and off and it was pretty chilly up in the mountains. Not the best environment for camping, but we made the most of it! I would love to go back when it’s sunny, it would be gorgeous.
Those two 12oz local beers were $12 each! Norway is super expensive, they seem to be living in their own economically superior bubble there. I wonder how much photographers make there..
After roaming around the city center we took the gondola up to the top of Fløibanen and started hiking from one gondola to the next (supposed to be around a 5 hour hike). It was really rocky and muddy thanks to the rain, so a bit difficult. By the time we were ready to set up our tent we were pretty soaked. Since it was cold out we never really dried off. I had to wear a pair of pants on my head to keep warm. We didn’t bring any camping silverware, so we got to “drink” our can of beans. Despite the cold weather and the fact that the sun doesn’t fully set, we got plenty of sleep and continued the hike the next morning.
In other news, today marks one year that Martin and I have been together! We met a little over a year ago, but we became “official” in Germany this time last year 🙂 We’ll probably grill out in the garden tonight since it’s such nice weather right now. And, we received our NOA1 in the mail from the Department of Homeland Security, so that is exciting!
Last night we spent some time conversing in Czech, and Martin taught me a few new words. It’s obvious to me that making yourself speak in the language whenever you can is the best way to learn. In three weeks I return to Atlanta to work for a few months and I hope I’ll find time to practice..


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