Standby aka Heathrow Purgatory

Hello! I am currently on day two of my attempt to fly standby. During the busy season. From London to Atlanta (via Newark). Maybe not the best plan. But I’ll be saving money! I have to admit, it never occurred to me that there may be multiple people trying to fly standby as well (over 50). So we have a large pool of people that drifts from terminal to terminal as we get rejected from flights five times a day. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be getting out of here today. After the last flight at 6pm, I’ll go through customs again, get my passport stamped unnecessarily, get my bags, go home, and come back to try it again in the morning. I slept at the airport last night, but it seems stupid to do it again. If I don’t get on a flight tomorrow (it’s looking slightly better tomorrow but that could change), I’ll just have to book a flight home.

Just a few more hours..