Czech School of Atlanta

This morning I got to attend the grand opening of the new Czech School here in Atlanta! Thanks to the networking of Facebook I was able to find and link up with some of the people in charge of putting everything together, and since I wanted to get involved with the Czech community here, I volunteered to take photos at the event.

I think there were thirty-something students registered for classes that start next Saturday. As of right now, there aren’t any classes for adults, but that will eventually change. The children will learn to speak, write, sing, and so-forth, in Czech.

Also, the school will help them to keep the Czech culture alive and well here in the States!

The ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor of Sandy Springs, Eva Galambos.

Some Czech entertainment.

The kids receiving their school binders and some treats.

Yay Czech food, and no Caraway seeds!

The Board members plus some kids.

I realized today that I’m very thankful to have met Martin and to be introduced to this culture. Learning about and starting to really appreciate the Czech people, history, and way of life is honestly very amazing. He’s not just someone that I met down the street that I already know everything about. He represents an entire rich, interesting community that I am constantly learning new things about. It’s fun trying to learn the language and communicate. I love how passionate they are about their culture and customs. And I just really like Czech people. Once they warm up to you they are some of the friendliest people in the world. There is something different about them to me, but I haven’t put my finger on what that is just yet.

I hope to have to opportunity to do some more volunteering, even non-photography related, soon, and to meet someone that could do some Czech tutoring with me. Martin should be visiting in a couple of months, so that is something to look forward to! For now, I’m staying busy shooting weddings, families, and whatever else comes my way.


3 thoughts on “Czech School of Atlanta

  1. Christy, thank you for everything. We are so happy to have you here and I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Great pictures, great blog.

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