Overdue update

Well I tried really hard to be a good blogger, but it’s been three months since my last post so I have failed as of late! Since I’m so terribly behind I’ll just give a few updates:

  • We got engaged! Yay!
  • I spent 4 months in Atlanta working, which was a great thing for me since I’m not able to work in London
  • I’m back in London now, for a few more months, and we moved to Sidcup, which is close to Martin’s job
  • We still have no idea what we’re doing next, a little behind on the visa process
  • We just got back from a 5 day visit to Czech Republic to see Martin’s mom
  • Today is Christmas Eve and it’s the first time I’ve been away from my family for Christmas

All of the trains are shut down tomorrow, and the cabs are super expensive, so we may have to find a pub in Sidcup to spend part of our Christmas. I have a bunch of photos to edit from Czech, I’ll post those later!

Vesele Vanoce!


2 thoughts on “Overdue update

  1. I did not realize that this was your first Christmas away from your Family. Just want you to know that I know how you feel and I love you very much and hope you have the best Christmas ever. Give your Martin a hug for me.

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