Post medical

The medical went just fine! Martin endured a few pokes and prods and we were on our way pretty quickly. Managing to get all of the paperwork together and putting another milestone in the process behind us felt pretty good. Now we wait for the embassy here in London to receive his results (which should be in the next day or two), and then for them to schedule his interview. Unfortunately, I’ve read that it takes around 6 weeks to be assigned a date, and then the interview might not be for a month after that, so there’s a good chance that I won’t be here to go to the interview with him, which I was looking forward to. But, progress!
Yesterday we went to Sevenoaks and saw some deer.

IMG_0058msToday it’s raining, not much motivation to get out and about.


We have officially mailed our K-1 visa to the US! I’m really really hoping that everything was filled out correctly and that we don’t receive any RFEs (request for evidence) that would slow down what is already a very long process. Now, we have months of waiting and hoops to jump through to look forward to. In about a month I’ll be returning to Atlanta for a few months to work and regain the social life I once had while Martin stays here with his job. These trips home are always bittersweet.
This weekend we went to Hever Castle…but since we got there too late we didn’t get to go in. Instead we had a picnic near the parking lot and then went to a really cute pub. The weather has been nice the last few days!

We are waiting for our potatoes to grow so we can make bramboracky (potato pancakes). Right now they aren’t quite ready..

Hopefully they won’t take too much longer!